Heaven on earth @ Constance Moofushi Maldives

We don’t tend to go on holidays to the same place twice (too many new places still to explore), but for this little heaven we made an exception. Constance Moofushi is consistently ranked as one of the best hotels in Maldives and rightfully so.

Hotel review constance moofushi drone shot Maldives
Convinced yet? Dream vacations at Moofushi. Photo: Constance Moofushi


The location

The island is pretty small (2sq.km), a great size to discover all the beach spots and facilities during your stay, but it never felt crowded or busy. It is located in one of the best diving areas on earth, on the South Ari Atoll, 30 minutes away from Male via water plane (amazing experience to watch the beautiful islands from high up – we even spotted a massive 30+ meters whale).

The best transport method: via the water plane
The best transport method: via the water plane

Constance Moofushi dream beaches

Breathtakingly beautiful beaches, very fine white sand from the corals (doesn’t burn your feet even if the air temperature is really high), amazing sunsets. You can swim next to the fish and sand sharks: they are so cute (don’t worry, they don’t bite, they eat plankton and they run away when you try to approach them).

Constance Moofushi Maldives dream in endless blue honeymoon holidays white sand beach beautiful
Featuring some of the best beaches in the world
Constance Moofushi Maldives blue water ocean amazing wonderful
Amazing blue waters – no edit no filters whatsoever!

The hotel

Luxury, 5 star, beautifully built all-inclusive resort (no other hotel/restaurant in the island). Constance Moofushi offers 24 Beach Villas, 56 Water Villas and 30 Senior Water Villas. We shared our time between a water villa and a superior one (I wanted to be above the water:)). A superior villa is in essence a water villa, but slightly bigger and with a bath tub.

Superior water villa Constance Moofushi Maldives
Our superior water villa
Maldives room view Constance Moofushi
Our balcony view!

The service is really great: very friendly, personal, knowledgeable maitres and waiters, they will go the extra mile to offer a unique experience. The hotel manager was always around, available and very welcoming.

Food and drinks

The food was delicious! Lots to choose from and all very fresh. You could go for the many buffet options or have something cooked for you at the live bar.

Constance Moofushi hotel review mouthwatering deserts, cakes, food
A large selection of mouth-watering deserts and cakes!

Breakfast: Tropical fruit and juices, fresh croissants and freshly baked pastry, porridge, cereals, dairy products, Asian-style breakfast, American or English breakfast, large selection of tea, coffees and deserts.

Lunch and dinner: international and local cuisine changing every day, new specials every day, live bar, more than 120 wines at your disposal, mouth-melting deserts…

Snacks, cocktails, refreshments: if you are hungry or thirsty in between meals, you can pop by Totem bar and enjoy snacks, crepes, refreshing smoothies and more. In the evening you can enjoy your favourite drinks in the bar while the DJ is playing music or have a romantic drink by the beach.

Constance Moofushi Maldives Alizee restaurant
The a-la-carte Alizee restaurant

Vouchers are given upon arrival for dinner at the a-la-carte restaurant (Alizee) where the setting is more private. You can choose to dine a-la-carte more often by paying an extra fee and booking in advance. We found that 1 dinner at the a-la-carte restaurant (which is included in the package) was sufficient and used the buffet restaurant all the time.

Let yourself be spoiled

Spa massage

Sun, beach and white sand… What else could make this unique holiday even more special? A relaxing massage of course! I enjoy my massage slightly strong and this is what I requested. Not only was the massage focusing on the pin points to my great relief, but I even fell asleep!!! I have never fallen asleep before during any massage sessions and this was not a caressing one, it was a proper massage… But it was so relaxing and flowing effortlessly that I fell asleep both times I tried the massage during our stay. Most relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. Below you will find me after the most relaxed hour! They also offer you tea with some fruit while you are enjoying the view post the massage.


Maldives massage bliss and peace U Spa
Post-massage bliss
Tea and pine-apple after the massage U SPA Maldives Moofushi
Tea and pineapple after the massage

Sunset cruise

You can book a romantic boat trip or sunset cruise with your loved one and enjoy some sailing in the turquoise waters.

Boat sunset Maldives Moofushi
Romantic Boat trips

Maldives Breathtaking sunsets, romance at its best

Breathtaking sunsets, romance at its best

Plant a palm tree to commemorate your special occasion

Is it your honeymoon or anniversary, birthday or special occasion? Or maybe you are getting married in Moofushi. All great reasons to plant a palm tree, carve your name, a poem or even a drawing. The board in the middle where you see the S and P (our initials) creating a heart was my special drawing for our honeymoon palm tree. When we visited the second time around, we felt we like it too much to leave it there. So we decided to take it home (the wooden plaque, not the palm tree!). It is featuring amongst the favourite decor items in our library. Planting the tree was a fun exercise.

Plant a palm tree Maldives Constance Moofushi
We planted this cute Palm tree for our honeymoon (can you see the S&P forming a heart? My artistic side there!)

Choose Moofushi for your Christmas or New Year’s Celebrations

If you live in Europe, you are maybe used to snow-covered Christmas and New Year. But it can look equally beautiful and feel just amazing to walk around barefoot on the white snow-like sandy beaches of Maldives, with the temperatures in the 22-30 degrees Celsius.

This is what we did for our honeymoon and it was an amazing experience. In fact one of my uncles commented in our Maldives facebook photo: “Happy New Year, wish all your dreams come true and may your heart remain as pure as the white snow you are standing upon!”. Needless to say, my uncle has never traveled outside Albania, so for him December + White = Snow…

This was my first time by the beach for New Year and I loved it. The staff at Moofushi put lot of effort to make the New Year’s Eve celebrations unique. Starting from the exquisite dinner menu, continuing with the special decorations and amazing party afterwards, all was wonderful.

Constance Moofushi hotel review New Year's Eve
New Year’s Eve decorations
Constance Moofushi hotel review New Year's cakes
Cakes, deserts and more cakes
Constance Moofushi hotel review New Year's Eve dinner
New Year’s Eve dinner by the beach
New Year's Eve celebrations Constance Moofushi
Good bye old year, may the new one bring only happiness!


Back to reality Constance Moofushi
No, please, no, can I stay a bit longer? Snif snif…
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